Special Information for EU-Citizens

What if I am not in Neubiberg on Election Day?

You can ask for a postal ballot from the Rathaus by using the QR-code at the bottom of the first page of the "Amtliche Wahlbenachrichtigung" or see the website www.buergerserviceportal.de/bayern/neubiberg. You will receive the postal ballot by mail and can return it by mail up to the day before Election Day or put it in the Rathaus mailbox before the polling stations close at 6pm on Election Day.

Who do I vote for?
You vote for a group / party of candidates, or individual candidates. There are 6 groups / parties with a maximum of 24 candidates each. We are “List 7” (“List 3” is left out). How do I vote: You have 24 votes. You can give one person a maximum of 3 votes. You can put a cross at the top of one list (the list gets 24 votes in that case). And on a second ballot you have ONE vote of four mayor candidates.

Why vote for us, the “Freie Wähler N@U”?
We are a highly-motivated, absolutely independent group of Neubiberg and Unterbiberg citizens, who give support to the mayor candidate, Reiner Höcherl and his realistic, far-seeing political agenda. You can find us on the far right on the ballot. Read more about our programme for 2020-2026 here.

How can I get more information about the candidates?
You can find out more about the candidates of the “Freie Wähler N@U” and our agenda on this website, use Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! or talk to the candidates who will be on the streets around Neubiberg (Hauptstrasse) and Unterbiberg (REWE) on Saturday mornings. Look for photographs and more information about our town council candidates here and about our mayor candidate Reiner Höcherl here.

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